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Website Update - March 2016

 The launch of this website represents the culmination of a three year project overseen by AHIA and managed by the AusHFG Project Team to consolidate and update the AusHFG data.

Website Design

The AusHFG website design has been informed by industry user consultation to ensure the new AusHFG website meets their needs.

  • the website is now mobile and tablet friendly
  • an Ask a Question function will provide quick responses to your queries
  • a Give Feedback function will allow industry to proactively contribute to the update of the AusHFG resources
  • the search function has been improved to make information easier to find
  • site navigation is structured around the most commonly used information
  • Part documents are provided as a single document as well as in sections
  • HPU Schedule of Accommodation information is now provided separately and in Excel as well as PDF
  • AusHFG resources are now archived individually not as a whole on an annual basis

If you are having trouble viewing this website please check your browser version.  The website is designed to run on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and above: Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1
  • latest Edge: Win 10
  • latest Mozilla: Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Mac OsX 10+, iOS (7,8)
  • latest Chrome: Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Mac OsX 10+, iOS (7,8), Android (4.4+)
  • latest Safari: OsX 10+, iOS (7,8)

We hope you enjoy this new website and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Data Update

Standards Components

Most of the AusHFG Standard Components have not not been updated for some time.  A portion were updated in 2008 but many had not been reviewed since 2005.

This website update includes a combination of redocumented and reviewed Standard Components. These Standard Components have had a revision number change and are all dated 1/3/2016. Refer Standard Component Listing Page.

An archived copy of these Standard Components has been provided for reference and can been accessed on each of the Standard Component pages.

Some Standard Components have been retired and deleted and new Standard Components have been created. Information about these retired and new Standard Components are provided on the Standard Component Listing Page.

A number of Standard Components remain unchanged as they are currently under review. These are all listed on the News & Updates Page,

All Standard Component room layout sheets remain scaled to an A3 size. These new sheets include a rendered representation of the room and are now landscape in orientation.


A programme of review of the Health Planning Unit (HPU) documents has been in place since 2012 and these updated documents have been progressively released.

This website release sees all HPU documents reformatted and revision numbers and dates adjusted. Refer HPU Listing Page. This revision of each HPU relates to:

  • the review of all HPU Schedules of Accommodation - these updated schedules now include references to the relevant Standard Component Room Codes and an update of room names to make all schedule terminology consistent
  • the reformatting of all HPU documents to introduce a simpler clause numbering system to replace a legacy coding system that was unnecessarily complex and unclear


A programme of review of Part documents has been in place since 2012 and these updated documents have been progressively released and are included on this website.

This website release sees all Part documents revised and revision numbers and dates adjusted. Refer relevant Part pages:

Part A: Introduction and Instructions for Use

Part B: Health Facility Planning and Briefing

Part C: Design for Access, Mobility, OHS and Security

Part D: Infection Prevention Control

Part E: Building Services and Environmental Design

Part F: Project Implementation

The only changes to these document are reformatting to introduce a simpler clause numbering system to replace a legacy coding system that was unnecessarily complex and unclear.

There have been no material amendments made to the content of these documents.

Project Resources

A set of AusHFG project resource files for designers and health planning professionals will be created to make the data easier to use. Refer Project Resources page.

These include a single Revit file contining all the revised Standard Components available for download for use by designers.  This resource represents the greatest innovation and upgrade of the AusHFG information.  Through provision of this information AHIA has responded to the needs of the industry and is supporting the use of Building Information Modelling throughout the health infrastructure sector.

Data Consolidation

All AusHFG data including Parts, Health Planning Units and Standard Components have been consolidated and for the first time now sit in a single data platform provided by dRofus Pty Ltd.

All information provided on this website has been exported out of this AusHFG data base developed and managed by AHIA.

Having all AusHFG data in a single easy to use ‘home’ has enormous advantages including making updates easier and linking related information across the AusHFG resources to ensure greater consistency.

This website is the only source of AHIA approved up to date AusHFG information.